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Manager: “Where are we on the Hanover Project?”

Supervisor: “Hold on. Let me check my spreadsheet. I haven’t finished entering all the numbers from the last shift yet.”

Manager: “Oh. I’m asking because a customer is looking for an update on document 3988750493.”

Supervisor: “Hmm sounds familiar. According to the spreadsheet it was last in QA. But I checked the file server and it looks like it went back to reprocessing.”

Manager: “Can you find out why? They really need an update on that document.”

Supervisor: “Hey Alice, before you leave can you tell me what happened to the Hanover document 3988750493.”

Alice: “It was sent back because a page was blurry. I wrote it on my worksheet that I handed in a few minutes ago.”

Manager: “Alice said it went back for reprocessing because a page was…”

Supervisor: “I heard. I’m standing right here.”

Manager: “Okay! I’ll get right on entering all the numbers from last shift.”

Managing projects with multiple Excel sheets and paper worksheets has many disadvantages and obstacles. Updating data, creating reports, sharing information among team members and keeping everyone up-to-date can be time consuming and demanding.

If you’re facing similar challenge then you should check out the new LIMB Maestro project management application. ;This web-based tool allows you to easily design, prioritize, and track your digitization projects. The app centralizes all processes of you digitization project including inventory and post processing tasks. And best of all, it is accessible from anywhere with just a simple web browser.

LIMB Maestro highlights include:

  • Customizable workflows
  • Custom pass/fail options and transition screens
  • Real-time reporting
  • Note system for team member input
  • Barcode support

Head over to the official Maestro website to view a short introduction video and get more information. Then contact us for a live demo to see first-hand how you can simplify your projects.