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So you’ve successfully started your digitization project. Scanners in place. Check. Team trained. Check. Workflows created, IT infrastructure constructed and inventory established. Check, check and check.

You’re producing files and uploading it to your storage devices.  But, after the files are digitized and the documents re-shelved, is the job really over?

While digitizing your files and preserving them for the future has its purpose, there is so much more that can be done. Breathing new life into a document and making it accessible now in the present gives your works a new purpose and a second life.

One way to achieve this is with the new LIMB Gallery online digital library. LIMB Gallery is a fully featured online, solution for building and managing your digital library. With sleek viewers and a powerful search engine, LIMB Gallery provides a rich, unique user experience combined with an easy way to manage your collections.

With LIMB Gallery you can:

  • Easily browse and connect with intuitive, faceted search and full text search
  • Modern user interface with responsive design allows for multiple ways to browse and access content across different media
  • Display collections as an image mosaic, timeline, geolocation or detailed lists
  • Document viewer with deep zoom for large images and page flip
  • Fully featured back office to manage and customize your gallery
  • Flexibility to store documents, audio, video and metadata
  • Available for local on premise hosting or in a dedicated Cloud
  • Free upgrades as new features become available
  • Data hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and storage according to subscription plan

Whether you are just starting your project or have files that were digitized years ago and are now archived in storage, LIMB Gallery is a great tool for promoting and sharing your collections with your patrons in a brand new, exciting way.

Check out the dedicated LIMB Gallery website and contact us for more information on how put collections to work long after your projects are complete.